There are many worthy causes in The Bahamas. However, many of them hit roadblocks due to a need for increased transparency and accountability in our institutions and the wider community. By donating to Citizens for a Better Bahamas, you are supporting the development of a culture of transparency and accountability in our society, thereby enhancing the access to information and empowerment required for many other deserving causes to further their goals in building a Better Bahamas.

Our initial estimate for the launch and operation of a fully staffed office is $250,000 per annum. This sum includes securing a space, employing two full-time staff and running signature programs dedicated to the promotion of transparency comprised of:

  • Research
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Education and Engagement
  • Advocacy

Or give your best gift at any amount. We are grateful for all assistance! Gifts can be given by check made out to Citizens for a Better Bahamas. If you would like to join us in combating corruption as a volunteer or sponsor please contact us:


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