To promote reforms which encourage and improve accountability and transparency in all sectors of society and engage on a non-partisan basis with individuals and groups to resist all forms of corruption for the betterment of all people in the Bahamas.



A Bahamas in which government, politics, business, media, civil society and the daily lives of all people are free from corruption; and a nation in which all citizens can have timely access to information from transparent and accountable institutions.



Citizens for a Better Bahamas values transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, courage, justice, democracy and the rule of law.



  1. Public Engagement – we will promote broad civic engagement in all national decision-making processes where possible.
  2. Community Education – we will build and encourage public awareness of individual rights and responsibilities by partnering with the community and other civil society organizations.
  3. Legislation Reform – we will work on a non-partisan basis to promote reforms that target the elimination of corruption and laws that strengthen accountability and transparency in governance.
  4. Leadership by Example – we will conduct our activities in an ethical and transparent manner.
  5. Monitoring and Reporting – we will monitor and report on all matters of national interest in all levels of society, and hold responsible parties to account.